All 4 Workshops;

  • Take place in an atmosphere that is welcoming, built on trust and respect.
    Communication is the key both interpersonal and intrapersonal.
  • A space to engage in respectful listening leading to better understanding and increased empathy towards fellow participants.
  • Establishes a safe environment to create and express individual ideas in a group setting.
  • Fosters a partnership between the participants and the facilitator
  • Aims for a balance between learning outcomes and the learning process, with particular emphasis on the process
  • The pedagogy leads to increased emotional literacy.
  • Evaluation by the participants of the learning experience is welcomed and encouraged.

Workshop 1: With School Management

This particular presentation outlines the rationale for a suicide prevention policy. All schools and education centres develop their own policies based on their agreed mission and vision, workshop 1 should assist them in understanding the need for a prevention intervention and postvention framework around suicide.

Workshop 2: With Teachers

The teacher workshop is aimed at keeping the project alive through the school connecting the ideas given to the students in everyday classes. They look at ways of encouraging students to work in the here and now, showing how they can be more productive, co-operative and enjoy the learning experience. Simple short exercise that can be completed at the start or end of a class period are played with the teacher s to highlight how these simple activity can encourage positive frame of mind during class time. Some teaching staff have been putting these activity to good use in the classroom. As well as making use of the Pause, Breathe and Play idea in their own class room to improve classroom management, communications and positive learning experiences.

Breathe teacher flyer

Workshop 3: With Students

Students are encouraged to Pause, Breathe and Play to help them cope with different situations but also to help them to become more self-aware. Throughout the Breathe workshops, students are encouraged to express themselves through different artistic mediums be it drawing, modelling, poetry, rap or theatre. This can help them cope better when mistakes happen as a natural part of learning/life, they will be better able to control themselves and handle their frustrations in positive ways. Since students need emotional training to grow into productive, satisfied adults this workshop shows them how they can take some ownership of the process.

Breathe students flyer

Workshop 4: With Parents

The parents/guardians workshop is interactive and focuses on the struggles young people face in the modern world. Parents/Guardians participate in exercises designed to explore these struggles and discover ways to offer support. Using mind mapping, the parents/guardians will look at intellectual, emotional and individual struggles faced by young people. The workshop concludes with an introduction to the T.I.M.E method of parenting. T.I.M.E. stands for Talking, Informing, Monitoring and Encouraging. These four core ideas are highlighted and parents/ guardians will have the opportunity to engage with one another, while discussing this method.

Breathe parent flyer